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Shubs talks about the How and Why of this Podcast Series

Episode 1

The Doctor's Kitchen

Shubs talks to Dr Rupy Aujla

Episode 2

Community Enterprise

Shubs talks to Dr Vik Sharma about his Community Enterprise 

Episode 3

Physical Activity

Shubs talks to Dr Zoe Williams, TV GP and physical activity champion. 

Episode 4


Shubs talks to Dr Keith Grimes, Geek and VR Doctor

Episode 5

Sexual Health Access

Shubs talks to Dr Anatole Menon-Johansson of SH24

Episode 6

Media, Anthropology

Shubs talks to Dr Farrah Jarral

Episode 7

Partnership, Co-founding

Shubs talks to Dr Ishani Patel

Episode 8

Medical Education

Shubs talks to Med Ed pioneer and legend Dr Aman Arora

Episode 9

Remote + Expedition Medicine

Shubs talks to Dr Lucy Obolensky

Episode 10


Shubs talks to NHS England's Primary Care Director and GP Dr Nikki Kanani

Episode 11

Academic GP, Happiness, Purpose

Shubs talks to Academic GP trainees Drs Dipesh Gopal and Ebrahim Mulla 

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