Episode 2: Dr Vikesh Sharma


Shubs talks to Dr Vikesh Sharma about his award winning Community Enterprise serving the Lambeth area.

Vikesh shares his insights and challenges in building a solution to a problem that was affecting the Health Outcomes for a large part of the population his Practice served. His project has won local awards and been granted funding to grow. He also talks about how GP partners are perfectly placed to innovate.


Some abbreviations used: 
CCG - Clinical Commissioning Group
LCN - Local Care Network


Some interesting further reading:
Portuguese national news media story 1

Portuguese national news media story 2

Published Paper exploring the effect of language and health inequalities: 

Ripple effects and Scalability: On the back of the learnings from Vikesh's project, a similar one has opened up in Lisbon for the Bangladeshi community there with similar issues (you'll probably need it translated!)

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