Episode 4: Dr Keith Grimes


The VR Doctor, Keith Grimes - GP, Gamer, and Geek.

The Pod hits the road, leaving London for the first time for the pebbly shores of Brighton.

Keith talks to Shubs about his passion for Technology in Healthcare, and he talks about using Virtual Reality and new technologies in Clinical settings.

Shubs and Keith try to unpick the Gartner Hype Curve

They also talk about new technologies: Stethoscopes without tubes, rhythm ECGs on your phones, Otoscopy, as well as covering Artificial Intelligence, The Quantified Self and the Implications of Data in Healthcare.

They debate on the future of medicine and whether Doctors will be replaced by robots, and how Clinicians can prepare themselves about the inevitable tidal wave of health technology.

Phew! We cover a lot - but hopefully you'll feel informed after this foray into Digital Healthcare - where we are, and where we might be headed. Enjoy!

If you want to know more about what Keith does check out his Twitter and Website.

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