Episode 7: Dr Ishani Patel

In this episode, Shubs catches up with the extremely organised Ishani Patel. A GP Partner in NW London, she is also Primary Care Cancer Lead for the RN Cancer Vanguard as well as Co-founder of Lantum

She talks about the challenges faced by Primary care with respect to Transforming Cancer Services, as well as how she manages to juggle the roles of GP Partner and Co-founder of a technology company. 

Shubs and Ishani discuss the very topical and acutely felt Primary Care Workforce challenges and what the future might look like for General Practice.

They also discuss the RCGP's most recent Initiatives - 

1. The Innovators Mentorship Programme - if you are a GP with an idea that could impact an unmet need in Primary Care, this could be for you. 

2. Bright Ideas Awards - if you know someone who has already made an impact in Primary Care, you can nominate them for some good old recognition. 

If these sound interesting, click on the links to find out more, and get involved. 

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Entertaining intro! 0’’00


RN Partners Cancer Vanguard - 3”05

What is a Cancer Vanguard?

Ishani's role as Primary Care Lead

Improving Cancer Safety Netting - 4”40

Cyclical criticism of GPs - referring too little and late diagnosis, vs over-referring and the impacts on cancer services and the patient - 5”50

What is the future of Transforming cancer services - 08”20

Ishani speaks about how she became co-founder of Lantum - 12”30

RCGP’s GP at Scale Programme - 15”15

Workforce - 17”30

Is having Locums sustainable? How will the workforce be sustained? Recruitment, Retention. 

On her Challenges juggling Partnership and other Roles - 20”20

Tips for Clinicians looking to be Entrepreneurs/Innovative without having to leave Medicine 23”20


RCGP - Bright Ideas Workshop - 23”59


On Portfolio careers vs Continuity - 26”40


On how GP will change - Technology, Allied Health Professionals - 27”30


RCGP Innovators Mentorship Programme - 32”30

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