Episode 8: Dr Aman Arora

Shubs talks to MedEd legend Aman Arora, a GP who has recently gone full-time as Director of Arora Medical Education.

Arora Medical Education and Arora Medical Education Facebook Group have helped many GPs get through their exams, as well as keep them up to date with his vast array of multi-media and multi-platform learning offerings.

He talks to Shubs about his passion for Meded, his challenges and the changing trends in how we are consuming information and learning. 

A real inspiration, he also talks about how to stay sharp and gives some of his tips for pursuing your own ideas, innovations and his insights into learning from mistakes. 

If you're short of time check out the Show-notes below. 


We also mentioned the book Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed

Check out an example of Aman's awesome quick learning videos as well - more here.






Intro and shout out to eGPlearning podblast - Andy and Gandhi - 0:00

How Aman got into this - 1:30


Scope of the Arora Med Ed Exam Prep - 2:00


Why does he do this?  2:20


On Social Media and Med Ed - 4:00


Aman’s biggest struggles - 5:00


Changing trends, the strengths of Podcasts and Audio and evolving from long video - 6:00


There isn’t a one size fits all for types of online content/learning - 7:05


Future challenges - 09:00


Differences vs other types of MedEd eg NB medical - 10:00


Changing ways in which people are consuming information and learning, tailoring media to the type of platform/channel - 10:55


Preparing people for passing exams vs what its actually like to be a coal-face GP - 13:00


Aman’s nuggets for staying clinically sharp and up to date, Passive learning - 15:20


The changing role of a GP over the next decade - 17:10


Technology enabling remote training - Webinars - 18:45


On learning from mistakes, attitude to failure, culture within NHS - 20:50

Black Box thinking - Matthew Syed


Aman’s tips for entrepreneurial minded GPs with ideas/drive to make change- 24:00


The tough decisions - cutting down clinical work to pursue your idea, balancing other commitments - 25:40


How should GP training change to meet the future - 27:20



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