Episode 11: Drs Dipesh Gopal and Ebrahim Mulla | March 2019

So exciting to bring you this latest episode, recorded in March 2019, just before I embarked an an adventure of my own living and working in Berlin. 

This episode was with two very inspiring and positive academic GP trainees, Dipesh Gopal and Ebrahim Mulla. We delved into why this isn't always seen as an attractive career move for people coming into General Practice, as well as a bit about perceptions about General Practice in medical schools and secondary care. 

We also talk about a subject close to their hearts - finding happiness, purpose and work-life balance. They navigate through some really insightful stuff, bringing their own experiences and some excellent resources for people who might be interested in finding out more.

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Some of the Resources mentioned:

Article | Wass Report - By Choice, Not by Chance

Article | How about a Career in General Practice?

Article | How to Launch a career in academic General Practice

Article | What makes us healthy? (on the social determinants of health)

Video | Ayan Panja TEDx talk | The Power of Generalism

Video | Jon Griffiths TEDx talk | Choosing to be a Jack of all trades

Book | Dan Pink  | Drive

Book | Simon Sinek | Start with Why

TED Talk | Simon Sinek | Why, How Great Leaders inspire action

Podcast | 2 GPs in a Pod episode - Farrah Jarral - on Resilience as a mutated, dirty word. Also her Radio 4 piece about this. 

Book|Covey|7 habits of highly successful people

TED Talk Video | Dan Gilbert | The Surprising Science of Happiness

TED Talk Video | Dan Pink | The Puzzle of Motivation

Podcast | Lewis Howes | Happiness


Video | Gary Veynerchuk - Life Goals 

Book |Matthew Syed | Black Box Thinking

Video | Mike Evans | Happiness

In a rush?

Here's some bookmarked placeholders for this episode:


Wass Report - 5:30

Perceptions of GP, of Academia - can a stronger academic base help?

On Generalists vs Specialists (?Partialists?)


Tribalism Primary vs Secondary Care - breaking barriers - 15:25


Dan Pink - Intrinsic vs Extrinsic motivators - 18:00

Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose

Simon Sinek - Start with Why


How GP training education sessions could change - 20:10 

Work, Life - how do we balance these - 22:00

The common thread/root of all content around wellbeing/purpose, happiness - 24:00

Resilience - a dirty word. Signpost to podcast with Farrah. 25:00

7 habits of highly successful people, emotional bank account - 25:47

Self Investment: Separate Personal Development and Professional Development

Dan Gilbert, the hedonistic treadmill - 34:10 

What is happiness, where does it come from - 36:00

Daily gratitude, confronting mortality

Resources 42:40

Lewis Howes

Gary Veynerchuk - ice cream shop mentality

High hopes, low expectations! 48:30

Relationship with failure - Black box thinking, Matthew Syed


What is a life well lived, in the context of medicine? 52:00

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