Episode 6: Dr Farrah Jarral

Shubs talks to Dr Farrah Jarral - GP and Broadcaster.

In this enlightening discussion, Farrah uncovers challenges she has had to overcome in order to be a GP and Broadcaster.


They discuss her Fulbright Scholarship studying Anthropology at Harvard, and how this has impacted her role as a GP, as well as how she got into media work, especially her Anthropology Series with Radio 4.


They also discuss her recent piece on Resilience on BBC Radio 4 particularly in the context of the NHS and her own experiences.

A thoroughly enjoying, heartfelt discussion about Farrah's experiences with the complexities of NHS clinical practice, Shubs and Farrah 'wax philosophical' about society, systems and how sometimes, pursuing your passion means making tough choices.

Time an issue? Check out the Show-note bookmarks positions below to zoom into the bits you want to hear!

Journey to Harvard after finishing VTS and why Anthropology - 01’50s


After Harvard - Challenges coming back and leading to GP Partnership - 06’00s 


Serendipity? How Farrah got into Media - 09’20s


On Anthropology Series for BBC Radio 4 - 13’25s


On how Anthropology could impact Clinical practice  - 14’27s


A little jaunt into ‘Resilience’ within Primary Care - 20’55s

Has Resilience mutated into something more sinister?

For more check out Farrah’s excellent episode on Radio 4

On the difficulties of combining GP Partnership with another passion/role on the side - 24’30s

Advice for people interested in Media/Writing/Anthropology - 29’30s

Farrah’s thoughts on the future of  the NHS - 31’58s

BBC Radio 4 - Keywords of Our Time - Resilience

BBC Radio 4  - From Savage to Self

Farah's website!

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